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Rekindle the Heritage with a
Modern Touch

We want to modernify the heritage of the world
& bring it every home


Story of our Heritage

We are three friends from Odisha, India. Our state is very rich in art heritage and stone carving. The famous Sun Temple was built in 1250 AD. And the stone carvings on that temple is second to none in the whole world. And there are other temples that dates back to BC which have very intricate carvings.

The same detailing can be seen in other art forms like paintings, brass art, bottle art etc. And the story of this has been mostly limited to the locals.

World is full of mass produced goods

We saw that the world is full of mass produced goods. As covid has pushed us to be more indoors, we have started paying attention to our indoor decor. But with the presence of big box stores and multi-national companies, all our indoor space ends up looking the same.

Our uniqueness is lost in this world of mass produced goods. And ultimately all we are left with is a house full of mass produced decor.

Modern Poster

Modernifying our Heritage

As mentioned before our heritage is pretty old. We can't revive our heritage as it was in the modern era. With changing modern tastes and homes, we needed to modernize our designs as well. But only the designs.

The core art form is still the same. The ethos is still the same. The design was never our heritage, it was the art form. We are just changing the packaging, but the core is intact.

Image by Jezael Melgoza

Our mission is to make the heritage of the world 
more accessible 


Deliver the Heritage of the world to every doorstep

We want to deliver the heritage of our homeland to every doorstep in the world. But we are not stopping there. Our goal is to make every heritage from all parts of the world deliverable to your doorstep.

Bring the hidden art Online

With the onslaught of mass produced goods, we have forgotten our roots. We have forgotten the art because there isn't an Ikea warranty or a Gucci logo on it. And as long as our choices are engineered by these factors, we will always the later over the former.

And that is what Artraditions is about to change. We will bring you the roots of our heritage with trust of Ikea warranty and the luxury of Gucci logo. All in one package.

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Variety of Bags

Heal the earth in the process

Whether Elon likes it or not, we’re all going to have to live on this planet for a while yet. To us, that means living with it, too. Putting back some of what we’ve all taken. Our products are 100% organically made and we will keep that promise as we add more products to our collection.

Do everything with a
modern touch

We understand that times have changed and serving the same dish that was being served 1000 years back is not going to fulfill the appetite of today's audience. And we want to change that. We will bring you the fusion of our heritage with a modern touch. You will be able to tell the story of heritage of the art without compromising on the decor of the house.

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