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Dhokra is a traditional Indian metal casting technique. It isn't easy to define because its history and the art itself cover various crafts that are interconnected and have been evolving through centuries. It is practised by the Adivasi or the tribal communities of India. The name Dhokra is derived from the name of their village Dhokra near Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Dhokra artists usually belonged to low castes historically; they were also known as "tribals". These craftsmen are known for their innovative ways to keep the art form alive. The art is popular in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Madhya Pradesh. Now, art is commonly practised all over India.

We discovered rich traditional art and crafts of Dhokra in the east Indian state of Bastar, which attracts art enthusiasts all over the globe. Tribal elements from a cultural standpoint influence Dhokra art. Animal, mythological, jewelry, ornaments, and religious imagery are Dhokra artifacts. And these Dhokra artifacts are used in home decoration.

dhokra art necklace and dancing girl

There is little wonder they've become so popular given their simplicity, aesthetics, and demand. Their use has been on the rise in several homes, both in the urban and rural areas. You can use Dhokra artifacts to enhance the beauty of your home.

Dhokra artifacts are an integral part of home decoration because of their unique design and affordable prices.

Famous Dhokra Artifacts of Dhokra from the 19th century

If you are a fan of aesthetics then you can't help but appreciate the artistry of these delicately crafted ornamental boxes from Dhokra craft. It is a traditional Dhokra ornamental box that is handcrafted by the master artisans of Orissa. This craft dates back to prehistoric times of the Harappa and Mohenjodaro Civilizations.

A traditional ornamental box made
A traditional ornamental box made

This exquisite box can be used to gift your loved ones, keeping their important and precious things safe. Made of brass, this intricate work of art is an example of the superb craftsmanship that has been developed over centuries. This incredibly lovely work of art stands out for its pure beauty as a curio wherever it is displayed.

Dhokra handicrafts are manufactured in Bankura's Bikini village and Barddhaman's Dariyapur. Dariyapur is a famous village of Dhokra artists. About, 120 years ago, the families had migrated from Odisha to Dariyapur. Dariyapur is a tiny community with around 30 households of Dhokra artists. Almost everyone in Dariyapur is a skilled craftsperson. We met a young child who proudly displayed a miniature Dhokra figure that he had created with the assistance of his father.

“No one can copy Dhokra. Every piece is unique as each artisan can create in his special way. With thin hands, legs, and a slender body, Dhokra pieces look different. It is tribal art, and they showcase it in their own way. The beauty of Dhokra is that the pieces are not perfect". Purnachandra Pradhan (Dhokra Artist).

Sculpture of a couple
Sculpture of a couple

The Dhokra figurine stands as one of the finest representations from India's classical period. The sculpture of a couple measures 22.5 cm high and shows excellent craftsmanship in design, carving and finish. The intricate detail of this handcrafted artwork will entrance you. This antiquated sculpture is one of the best classical sculptures. It's a richly-ornamented style of sculpture that depicts the theme of marital unions. It may have served as a marriage gift or just as a sign of affection during that time.

Dhokra is a traditional art form of Jharkhand that uses the power of charcoal, iron, and copper to produce gorgeous pieces of copper craft like the sculpture of a couple mentioned above. Tribal artifacts have become significant tourist attractions in Jharkhand.

The culture of the state is unique and like any other Indian state, Jharkhand has its own distinctive cuisine, music, and dance.

Sculpture of a tribal bull
Sculpture of a tribal bull

he great essence of the Tribal Bull Dhokra artifact is a captivating example of bronze artistry. The bull is a symbol of prosperity and success in Indian culture. It has a very fine finishing done by the artist; in this artwork the posture of the bull is very graceful.

The bull is beautifully carved in alloyed brass and is dressed in a stylish cover. It has well-crafted legs, horns, and ears. Due to its basic simplicity, fascinating folk patterns, and strong shape, dhokra artists' products are in high demand in both local and international markets.You can decorate your home and office with this handcrafted. This unique piece of art will create a one of a kind look in any area.

The tribal bull is one of the famous artifacts of Bastar. The culture of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, is diverse. The region is home to 13 tribes that differ in languages, dialects, and traditional clothing. The tribes are famous for their colorful festivals, Dhokra art, and artifacts. They have expertise in making figurines of tribal gods, votive animals, oil lamps, and animal carts. The culture of Bastar and its tribes like Gond is famous in the world for its spectacular architecture, splendid paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts.

Sculpture of Lord Ganesha
Sculpture of Lord Ganesha

I admire the unique and charming Lord Ganesha Dhokra artifact. This lovely Dhokra antique is a must-have for your collection. The Lord Ganesha Dhokra artifacts come in different varieties such as small, medium, and large sizes. Ganesha is considered as the God of success and removing all obstacles, who removes all the negative & evil forces. Every Ganesha statue, statue or dharma has its own importance in Hindu Sanskriti.

The Dariyapur Artists living in West Bengal are masters in making beautiful pieces of bars such as jars, animal faces and Hindu deities. The fusion of Sasan, Greece, Rome, and Indian art forms has made the art culture popular in Bengal. Bengal territory is the ideal land for developing art in this country. Dhokra is the traditional handicraft found in Bengal and Assam. This art form has been practised for centuries and passed down from generation to generation.

The Dhokra artifacts are significant as they depict different modes of art and culture apart from the conventional clay ones. The importance of Dhokra in Indian history can be estimated from the fact that you can still see the Dhokra artisans in Agra and various other parts of India.

The uniqueness and mystery of Dhokra have made it valuable in the eyes of art connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world.

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Dhokra Art - Famous Brass Handicrafts and their Cultural Significance

Dhokra Art is filled with famous artifacts which showcase the cultural influence of the makers of the art.

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