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If you have just bought a newly constructed house and started decorating it with modern furniture, here is one more thing to include in your decoration, Handmade Dhokra artifact. Vibrant, gorgeous, detailed, and delicately crafted works of art - that's what you get when you shop for dhokra sculptures created by modern artists. Everyone loves nature, and it is the best thing given by mother earth. Dhokra art is also made of natural stuff like wood, clay, and straw; that's why it is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Dhokra Home Decor

Dhokra art, one of those artistic expressions that depict the rich heritage of our Indian culture, can be seen as a spreading art form in today's world. So, if you are looking for something new and unique to adorn your house with, you should check out modern Dhokra Home Decor Products. Here are some statues that you must have in your home.

Dhokra Mother-Child Statue

A statue of a mother holding her child
Dhokra Mother Child Statue

Just as in nature, mother and child are two separate entities but two expressions of one entity. They are two different forms of the same energy holding and nourishing the same inner spirit. This is presented beautifully in this mother-child statue. It's one of the best home decor products and a gift for baby showers and naming ceremonies.

Dhokra Odissi Dancers Set

The Dhokra Odissi Dancers set is a vector clip art design of male or female dancers wearing dhokra style jewellery, representing traditional tribal Indian dance of Odisha, India. It gives your house an aesthetic and attractive look. This artifact also provides a peek into one of the famous dance routines of India. An Odissi dancer was included in the famous Michael Jackson song, Black or White.

Dhokra Elephant Statue

It is one of the most common Dhokra home decor statues representing energy and glory. Using this statue to decorate your home will reflect your sense of richness, power, and glory. It is a symbol of Luck, Wisdom, Health and Loyalty. Elephant decor with the trunks upwards represent prosperity, success and wealth, bring you good luck, peace, and positive energy.

Dhokra lady with a book

You can place this unique piece in your library or on the study table. It is a beautiful statue in which you can see a tribal lady reading a book while sitting on a traditional bed called “charpai”.

Office Decor By Dhokra Artefacts

You can decorate your office or professional place with these Dhokra Handicrafts. So, let’s check them out. You can provide a vintage look to your office with the Dhokra Handicrafts mentioned below. It will provide a personality to your office that will distinct itself from other mainstream office decors.

Dhokra Lakshmi Pen Stand

The pen stand is the basic need of an office desk, and this beautifully designed Dhokra Lakshmi Pen Stand gives an ethnic touch to your office. It also represents your rich taste in art and makes your office desk unique from others.

Dhokra Jewelry Box

Despite its name, this rectangular-shaped Dhokra can be perfectly placed on the office desk. It can be used to store office stationery, notebook and other important accessories.

Dhokra Lion

It is a perfect piece to be placed on a boss's desk. Because the Dhokra Lion represents power, authority and strength.

Contemporary Dhokra Artists

Papu Sahu is a contemporary dhokra artisan who transforms old brass into beautiful and modern dhokra objects. We met him at an Indian Craft Exhibition, where he was displaying contemporary Dhokra Artifacts.

He says,

"This collection is made by the inhabitants of my basti, many of whom are involved in metal work. We collect old broken pieces of brass such as buckets and vessels from the households. We melt them to make fresh items of everyday use. We begin by making a clay mold which is a replica of the object we want to make. Over this, we pour the molten brass. Once the brass has settled over the mould and while it is still warm, we do the etching with an iron needle."

Anan Taya Decor, located in Jaipur, has presented a new line of wall decorations inspired by infinity. Ayush and Geetanjali are modern artists who are collaborating with Chhattisgarh artists to create Tara Dhokra, a contemporary dhokra art form with a new modular design.

According to Tara Dhokra, the approach is embodied by a sequence of modular six-pointed stars that may be joined to produce an unlimited variety of wall installations.

"The design allows freedom to the artisan, and to the designer, to create any kind of installation anywhere. It can go from the wall to the ceiling, it can turn around corners." - Ayush

Geetanjali says,

"I believe in emotional durability. We are moving towards AI, robotics, and 3D printing, but we're missing the emotion and energy of the artisanal legacy. With handcrafted work, you feel a connection right away to the artist—and you become a part of the story."

I personally find the range of Dhokra Art pieces in the modern market to be fascinating. On the one hand, it provides a stable source of income for the artisans involved. On the other hand, it also allows them to provide their own interpretation of Dhokra Art on contemporary objects.

These works of contemporary dhokra art act as a reflection of the passions, goals, and struggles of life. Each one is unique in its own way and displays the mind-boggling talents of our artists who seem to have mastered not just their craft but life as well.

Furthermore, this new generation of Dhokra art will likely provide a much-needed boost to the future of traditional Dhokra Art itself.

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